While Abroad

Living abroad is exciting and challenging. For students on long-term semester, academic year and summer programs through the Study Abroad Office, these items will help you stay on track and get the most out of your experience abroad.

Maddy Cunningham – Alpaca Xing (Peru) – OSU Photo Contest 2nd Place

Academic Considerations Abroad

  • Reflection abroad is essential to making meaning of all you experience. A great opportunity for reflection can be found by enrolling in the optional, 1-credit course Authoring Your Study Abroad
  • REMINDER! Complete the Enrollment Verification and Arrival Report within the first five days after classes begin at your host university. (link to this form in Terra Dotta)
  • If you make any changes to the schedule reported on your Enrollment Verification and Arrival Report, submit the Add/Drop Notification form. You may make changes to your schedule with no effect on your transcript up to six weeks after your host courses begin. After six weeks, you may not add any courses. However, you may withdraw from courses with a grade of “W” posted to your OSU transcript. For more information, see the credit posting guidelines for Reciprocal Exchange and Affiliated/Approved Programs. (these links are all in Terra Dotta and Josh can share with you if needed)
  • Enroll in courses for the upcoming semester. Stay in contact with your academic advisor and use the SIS system to enroll in classes online as you normally would.

Health and Safety

Student behavior is the most important factor when it comes to ensuring a healthy and safe experience abroad! Check out more information here on your health and safety abroad.

Cultural Adjustment and Staying Connected

Most individuals living abroad experience some degree of culture shock as they encounter a new host culture. For some this can be quite extreme and for others a minor disturbance in their daily routine. Check out this site for more information on Culture Shock and how to recognize it.

Staying connected is a great way to share your experiences abroad. Remember to keep OSU updated on your new adventures!


Don’t forget to request a transcript for your program BEFORE you return to the US. For academic year students, remember to send a transcript after your first semester as well as at the end of the program. We cannot post your grades without an official transcript! For students planning to graduate immediately upon return from abroad, please speak to the Student Exchange Coordinator in the Study Abroad Office. All transcripts for your courses abroad should be sent to:

Student Exchange Coordinator
Oklahoma State University
242 Student Union
Stillwater, OK 74078 USA