Health and Safety

OSU students in Belize quickly understand situational awareness

Student behavior is the most important factor when it comes to ensuring a healthy and safe experience abroad! This section will help you begin to think about behaviors that can maintain your health and safety, as the health and safety of those around you.

All students are required to participate in a pre-departure orientation. Short-term, faculty-led programs will provide an orientation for your specific course. Semester and academic year participants will participate in a day-long orientation the semester before their departure. Summer students applying through the Study Abroad Office will receive instructions on their orientation from their program provider. Failure to participate in an outbound orientation may result in removal from the program.

All students must also complete a pre-departure health and safety program online to prepare for their time abroad. This includes information on situational awareness, culture shock, and avoiding risky behaviors. Students will be emailed a personalized link to the online training at least 1 month prior to departure. Failure to complete the online health and safety training prior to departure may result in disqualification of credits taken abroad.

Visit the U.S. Department of State Website for a wealth of information on:

The Study Abroad Handbook, provided by the Center for Global Education, is designed to prepare students for study abroad with resources and helpful tips on what to expect and what to prepare for as a study abroad participant.